Saviors in the Night

Unclassified 15+
Ludi Boeken, 100 mins, France, Germany, 2009, German with English subtitles.

Saviors in the Night
Saviors in the Night

Dutch-Jewish filmmaker Ludi Boeken presents a portrait of wartime survival based on real events of a Jewish family that found shelter with a German family.

It is 1943 and the Nazis have started deporting the last German Jews from Westphalia to the death camps.

Horse trader Menne Spiegel won an Iron Cross fighting for Germany in World War I, but on the eve of the deportations this counts for little. Desperate, he turns to a neighbour and old army comrade, Heinrich Aschoff, who agrees, in spite of the grave risk to his own family, to hide Menne's wife and daughter - but not Menne, whose dark-set features make him stand out.

From this fraught situation, Boeken, whose own Jewish parents were hidden by Dutch farmers in Amsterdam, has created an unforgettable drama.

Dates   Thu 25 Nov 2010, 8pm
    No Longer Available
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