Unclassified 15+
Alain Tasma, 101 mins, France Israel Italy, 2009, French with English subtitles.


On the eve of the First Gulf War, bombs and missiles are about to rain down, but these are nothing like the emotional fireworks exploding behind the closed doors and bedrooms of Alain Tasma's romantic thriller.

As Israelis anxiously await the UN deadline for Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait, Louisa and Nathanaƫl, a young French couple living in Jerusalem, and their close circle of friends are caught-up in the events and tension that consumed Israeli society in January 1991.

This is the Gulf War as refracted in the daily lives and relationships of young Israelis - the human side of war that news footage missed. Paradoxically, as the deadline draws closer, the fear of a chemical and biological attack reawakens everyone's desires to laugh, love, live and face up to reality.

Dates   Sat 20 Nov 2010, 7pm
    No Longer Available
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