black book festival of jewish cinema year-round programme

MA 15+
Paul Verhoeven, 145 min, The Netherlands, 2006, Dutch, German, English & Hebrew with English subtitles

image from black book
Black Book
This epic World War II resistance thriller explores this little-examined period in Dutch history.

Set mainly in The Hague, Black Book tells the roller-coaster story of a Jewish chanteuse, Rachel Stein, who struggles to survive in occupied Holland, even after the tide of war has turned against the Germans.

Hoping to find out who betrayed her fleeing family, she naïvely joins the Dutch resistance, which sees her as a useful pawn for infiltrating the German command.

She is given a new identity and becomes the secretary and lover of a high-ranking German officer, but in the end is double-crossed and forced to flee.

Featuring powerful central performances by Carice van Houten, as Rachel, and Sebastian Koch, Black Book is a thoroughly entertaining and gripping thriller where ironies, plot switchbacks and reversals abound.

Australian premiere!

Dates   Sun 17 Jun 2007, 3.30pm
No Longer Available
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