16th Japanese Film Festival

Love Strikes
Love Strikes

Celebrating its 16th year, the Japanese Film Festival is back in Melbourne showcasing the latest films from Japan including over 45 Australian premieres and six free screenings from their heritage collection.

Thursday 29 November - Sunday 9 December 2012
Full $15 Concession $13 ACMI Members/Japan Foundation Members $11
5 Film Pass: $60 (excludes opening and closing night; only available for ACMI sessions)
School Screening (Bushido Sixteen) $7
Free screenings: Man of the Biting Wind, Seisaku's Wife, The Hoodlum Soldier, Giants and Toys, With My Husband's Consent and The Red Angel


A widower receives a letter from his late wife that sends him on a journey to fulfil her last wishes.

Man of the Biting Wind

A young yakuza member newly released from prison attempts to escape his past and renounce his criminal activities.

Seisaku's Wife

A love affair develops between a small village's social outcast and its war hero.

Love Strikes!

When unlucky-in-love Yukiyo suddenly draws the amorous attentions of four women, he must figure out how to manage them all.

The Handsome Suit

If all you had to do to become incredibly handsome was to put on a special suit, would you do it?

Friends: Naki on the Monster Island

A computer-animated film about the unlikely bond between an ogre and a young child.


An ageing couple reaches an emotional crossroad in their long marriage.

It's a Beautiful Life (Irodori)

A savvy group of elderly women attempt to revive their struggling town.

The Hoodlum Soldier

In a battle of wills, two soldiers rebel against strict army authority.

Bushido Sixteen

High school rivalry, kendo-style.

Tokyo Koen

An aspiring photographer is offered a job to tail a man's wife as she walks through the parks of Tokyo.

Giants and Toys

Spacesuits, ray-guns, corporate chumps and caramel - this satirical comedy has it all.

Chronicle of My Mother

This tender family portrait is reminiscent of work by auteur Yasujiro Ozu.

Tenchi: The Samurai Astronomer

A young samurai astronomer is faced with an astronomical task - to create a new calendar system for the nation.

Bread of Happiness

A young couple open a small café that becomes a place of refuge for the broken.

My S.O. Has Depression

Based on a true story and best-selling manga, this is an honest look at a young couple's struggle with depression.

With My Husband's Consent

One woman defies the expectations of 1960s Japanese society to escape an unhappy marriage after falling in love with another man.

The Red Angel

A young nurse confronts the horrors of war through her dealings with the soldiers she cares for and the doctor she works with.

A Terminal Trust

A doctor is arrested and tried for murder after helping a patient end his own life.

Bunny Drop

In this heart-warming film, a 27-year-old man finds himself raising his 6-year-old aunt.


A soldier sent to the frontline asks a comrade to visit his wife should he die.

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