25th Hour

MA 15+
Spike Lee, 135 mins, USA, 2003, 35mm. Courtesy: Walt Disney Studios.

25th Hour
25th Hour

Taking David Benioff's eponymous novel as his source, director Spike Lee cast Edward Norton in the role of a convicted drug dealer who spends his last night of freedom bidding goodbye to friends, family and New York city before presenting himself for a seven-year jail term.

Lee tackles the fall-out of 9/11 on the collective psyche, in a film that captures the atmosphere of the city in the months following the attack.

Composer (and long-time collaborator) Terence Blanchard distinguishes himself with a lush, evocative score in an impressionistic film of resonant moods, sounds and images.

Dates   Sun 3 Jun 2012, 6.15pm
    No Longer Available
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