Bullets over Broadway

Woody Allen, 99 mins, USA, 1994, Digital Betacam. Courtesy: Westend Films.

Bullets over Broadway
Bullets over Broadway

Woody Allen turns the golden age of jazz on its head in this gangsters-on-Broadway farce.

John Cusack stars as a struggling writer who is given the opportunity of a lifetime: to direct his latest play on Broadway.

Unfortunately there is a very large string attached in the form of the mob backer's girlfriend (played with relish by Jennifer Tilly), who the writer must cast in a pivotal role. The only problem is, she can't act to save her life! Complicating matters further is the gangster's bodyguard, a frustrated writer who has his own ideas for the play.

Allen is in top comedic form here and elicits winning performances from his stellar cast, particularly Dianne Wiest in an unforgettable turn as a haughty thespian. Wiest won an Oscar for her troubles.

Dates   Sat 9 Jun 2012, 7pm
    No Longer Available
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