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Access to the collection is available to regional Victorians over the age of 18 and statewide to educational institutions, cultural organisations, government departments, commercial organisations, film societies and non-profit organisations such as community groups and health and welfare services.

To become a Collection Access Cardholder or to renew your access, simply fill in the access form and return it to us with the required documentation and your payment.

Please note that we cannot process new applications over the phone or via email, however access renewals may be made by credit card by phone or fax.

For further information on access, call us on (03) 8663 2467 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday (AEST), or email us at

Access Types

Regional access

Annual fee: Full $105  Concession $80
Regional Collection Access Cardholders can access up to six titles per fortnight. The ACMI 'What's On' will be posted to you, and you will receive regular email updates.


Basic access

Annual fee: $156
Entitles the school up to four titles per week (metropolitan) or six titles per fortnight (regional). Note that while collections provides outward freight direct to schools, all return freight is the responsibility of the Collection Access Cardholder.

Special access

Annual fee: $235
Entitles the school up to eight titles per week. Provides extra 'schools-only' benefits, including regular newsletters, an individualised catalogue on a topic of choice and an extra fine waiver each year.


Non-profit organisations (community groups, film societies, etc.)

Annual fee: $130
Entitles the organisation up to four titles per week (metropolitan) or six titles per fortnight (regional).

Commercial organisations and tertiary institutions

Annual fee: $260
Entitles the organisation up to four titles per week (metropolitan) or six titles per fortnight (regional).

Required documents

Regional access (individuals): Identification must be provided as evidence of current address. This can be a copy of your driver's licence or a copy of a household bill, submitted with your application either by mail or fax. Concession status can be obtained if you provide evidence of a seniors card, healthcare card or student card.

Schools, organisations and tertiary institutions: Authorisation on official letterhead is required, nominating a responsible contact person and additional authorised names as necessary. This must be attached to your application.

Accessing 16mm films

To access 16mm films from the collection, an additional application form must be completed and submitted with the access form.

The 16mm application form must be filled out by the nominated projectionist, covering their qualifications and experience. The service report part of the form must be completed by a recognised service/repair technician, not the nominated projectionist (unless they can demonstrate sufficient qualifications and experience in doing their own servicing).

16mm application form 



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