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this is the story that surrounds my game

image from splinter cell: double agent
Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Xbox)
Does your game tell a story, if so how is this revealed to the player?

Is this just a simple backstory that sets the scene, or an ongoing story that the player experiences as the game unfolds?

Try to integrate the story of your game into the gameplay as much as possible, don't rely on lengthy cut scenes or descriptive text. The player wants to play the game, not watch it, so keep it dynamic and interactive by incorporating the story into the levels and challenges in the game.

Remember, not all games have to be story-driven. An abstract puzzle game hardly needs a detailed backstory. However, other games use the narrative to pull the player in and give them a reason to progress through the game.

Developing a backstory for the main character can be helpful, even if this isn't immediately revealed to the player, it may still assist in writing the story for the game.

Some game narratives are as simple as 'rescue the princess', and are used simply to provide goals for the player to aim for. Other games, such as Deus Ex have more complex narratives that can be affected by the player, layered through the game in numerous ways such as cut scenes, found notes, overheard dialogue, and other events.

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