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this is how you play my game.

Prince of Persia: Two Thrones (PS2)
What can the player do in your game?

Clearly define the different ways the player can interact with the game world and what effect these interactions have.

Gameplay arises from how the player uses the range of possible interactions to overcome the game's challenges. Think of simple interactions that can be combined in different ways for new gameplay.

The types of actions the player can perform will be largely determined by the genre of the game, but try to find new ways to present these interactions.

It's useful to think about how the game responds to the player, what feedback is given in response to the players actions, making sure to distinguish between successful and unsuccessful actions. This is crucial in creating a responsive environment that allows the player to become immersed and feel like they are 'in' the game.

Look at what the controls for your game will be, which keys or mouse clicks will be used to trigger interactions. Remember to keep it as simple and intuitive as possible, the challenge should be in your gameplay, not in memorising a complex control system. 

One way of doing this is by making some actions context sensitive, so the function changes depending on the situation. For example clicking on a person might start a conversation, while clicking on an object picks it up. Writing a list or drawing a diagram clearly showing all the controls in the game can help give a quick overview of your intended gameplay.

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