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is your game single player or multi-player?

image from halo 2
Halo 2 (Xbox)
How many people can play your game at once?

If it is more than one, do they compete against each other, or can you play through the game co-operatively? Think carefully about how to balance a multiplayer game, so that it is still fun for all players, while still having variety.

The game Halo allows players to play through the entire game co-operatively, teaming up to fight the aliens. This can be a great way to extend the number of times your game might be replayed, but think carefully about what effect this will have on your core game mechanics. Will it break anything to have two players in the game at once? Will the game still be challenging? Will the levels still work?

If you're making a competitive multiplayer game, how does the scoring system work? Without level progression driving the game forward, how is the game structured? What happens to players who are knocked out of the game or otherwise 'killed'?

Make sure your game design is robust enough to account for issues such as these, a competitive game needs to be very thoroughly designed as it is played over and over again.

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