abra cadabra

Alexander Stitt, 84 mins, Australia, 1983, 35mm. Courtesy: National Film and Sound Archive of Australia

abra cadabra
Abra Cadabra
Australian icons Jacki Weaver and John Farnham are two of the voices behind this rarely-seen animated feature that takes as its starting point the familiar story of the Pied Piper.

Dr Cadabra, an eccentric magician, lives in outer space with his son Abra and their pets - Stella the star cat and Zodiac the space dog.

When all four are busy elsewhere, two villains, B.L. Z'Bub and Klaw the Rat King, take off with the Cosmic pipe.

Dates   Sun 19 Oct 2008, 10.30am & 1pm
Sun 26 Oct 2008, 10.30am & 1pm
No Longer Available
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