animated kids' flicks summer 2005

total running time 53 mins

image from comics trip
Image: Comics Trip

Classic and contemporary animation from Disney, Chuck Jones, Canada and France.

Mickey's Trailer
Walt Disney, 8 mins, USA, 1938, 16mm, colour
Mickey, Donald and Goofy set off on a holiday in Mickey's trailer. When the trailer becomes unhooked, hair-raising adventures follow!

Mr Frog Went-a-Courting
4 mins, Canada, 1974, 16mm, colour 
An old Scottish song story of a handsome frog who courts a mouse for his bride, richly animated by Evelyn Lambart and sung by Derek Lamb.

Kuumba: Simon's new sound
7 mins, USA, 1978, 16mm, colour
A young boy living in Trinidad makes his own steel drum to play in the Mardi Gras. Featuring music by The Louis Arnold Steel Drummers.

Mowgli's Brothers
Chuck Jones, 26 mins, USA, 1976, 16mm, colour
Animated version of Kipling's classic tale of a boy rescued and raised by wolves in the jungles of India. Featuring the voice talent of Roddy McDowell.

Comics Trip
6 mins, France, 2000, Digi-beta, colour
A young boy's imagination propels him into exciting adventures in a comic strip world.

Dates   Tuesday 4 January to Friday 7 January 2005, daily 11am
Tuesday 11 January to Friday 14 January 2005, daily 11am
Tuesday 18 January to Friday 21 January 2005, daily 11am
Admission   Free admission
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