Bugsy Malone

Alan Parker, 93 mins, USA, 1976, 35mm. Courtesy: Park Circus, UK.

Bugsy Malone
Bugsy Malone

An all-child cast - featuring Jodie Foster and Scott Baio (Happy Days' Chachi) - is the star attraction of Alan Parker's fabulous musical gangster spoof.

Set in New York's Lower East Side (recreated in a UK film studio), Bugsy Malone plays like a G-rated Miller's Crossing crossed with The Cotton Club, with all the wise-cracking sass of a script in the style of Dashiell Hammett but without any overt violence (splurge guns that shoot marshmallow whip replace bullets in Parker's universe).

Screens as part of a retrospective of ten hand-picked Kids' Flicks celebrating ACMI's 10th birthday.

"Bugsy Malone is like nothing else. It's an original, a charming one. Jodie Foster is astonishingly assured" - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

Dates   Sun 11 Nov 2012, 10.30am, 1pm

Sun 18 Nov 2012, 10.30am, 1pm

    No Longer Available
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