the cat returns

Hiroyuki Morita, 75 mins, Japan, 2002, English language version

 image from the cat returns
The Cat Returns
From the creators of the award-winning Spirited Away comes the latest film from Japan's famed Studio Ghibli, the 'Disney of the East.'

After saving a cat from being hit by a car, young Haru is told that the cat is actually the prince of the cat kingdom and finds herself pledged to marry him as a reward for her heroic act! Luckily, Haru has protective feline friends in a big white cat, Muta, and a smaller cat, Baron, who help rescue her.

Featuring the voices of Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride) and Tim Curry.
Dates   Sunday 10 April 2005, 10.30am & 1pm
Admission   Tickets $5
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