five children and it

John Stephenson, 89 mins, UK, 2004, 35mm

 image from five children and it
Five Children and IT
An enchanting story from Jim Henson's Creature Workshop, adapted from the best-selling children's book by E. Nesbit.

Robert (Freddy Highmore) and his siblings are sent to stay with their mad-as-a-hatter Uncle Albert (Kenneth Branagh) and obsessively anti-social cousin. Things get livelier when the children discover a secret beach and an ancient sand fairy, IT (Eddie Izzard), who grants them a wish a day.

To their great consternation, however, the children soon realise that making really sensible wishes isn't nearly as easy as it sounds.

"A winning combination of humour and imagination" The Age

Dates   Sun 4 Sep 10.30am & 1pm
Admission   Tickets $5
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