lemony snicket's a series of unfortunate events

Brad Silberling, 108 mins, USA, 2004, 35mm

 image from lemony snicket's a series of unfortunate events
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
When the three Baudelaire children are orphaned after a tragic fire, a distant relative, Count Olaf (Jim Carrey), seems destined to claim their fortune and do away with them! Ever resourceful, the children must come up with all manner of inventive schemes to thwart their conniving uncle in his mercenary plot.

Carrey, Meryl Streep and a talented cast of youngsters bring the dark humorous tone of the first three Lemony Snicket books vividly to life in this visually stunning big screen adaptation.

"Blessed with an abundance of twisted comic moments.in the tradition of Roald Dahl" Herald Sun

Dates   Sun 14 Aug 2005, 10.30am & 1pm
Admission   Tickets $5
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