PG (Mild violence, mild themes)
John Ford, 96 mins, USA, 1939, 16mm, B&W. Source: ACMI Collection.


The fifth film in our ongoing series of movie classics for kids is John Ford's groundbreaking Western, Stagecoach.

There are plenty of cowboys, Indians, shootouts and chases as the stagecoach charts its journey to a distant settlement with a diverse set of nine passengers, including Ringo Kid played by John Wayne.

"John Ford consciously designed Stagecoach as a Western boiled down to its most basic, almost child-like elements. It plays like an action-filled storybook about how a person's worth is defined by what they do rather than their place in society. It is also the best introduction to John Wayne." - Ty Burr, The Best Old Movies for Families.

Dates   Sun 2 Sep 2012, 1pm, 3pm

Sun 9 Sep 2012, 10.30am, 1pm

    No Longer Available
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