The Frontline (Gojijeon)

Unclassified 18+
Jang Hun, 133 mins, South Korea, 2011, 35mm, Korean with English Subtitles. Courtesy: Madman Entertainment.

The Frontline (Gojijeon)
The Frontline (Gojijeon)
In 1953 during the Korean war, lengthy negotiations are underway for a ceasefire while the fight rages on for Aerok Hill, the possession of which switches endlessly between the North and the South. After a company commander of the South Korean army is found dead, Kang Eun-pyo is sent to the front line to investigate.

Director Jang Hun (Secret Reunion, KOFFIA 2011), rather than focusing on the spectacle of battle, delves into the human aspect of war through the eyes of soldiers. An epic film which unveils the tragic nonsensical nature of war.

Winner of Best Film, 48th Grand Bell Awards.
Dates   Mon 10 Sep 2012, 9pm
    No Longer Available
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