The Reason Why I Step (Georeumiu iyu)

Unclassified 18+
Kim Cheol-min, 85 mins, South Korea, 2011, HD Cam, Korean with English Subtitles. Courtesy: Kim Cheol-min.

The Reason Why I Step (Georeumiu iyu)
The Reason Why I Step (Georeumiu iyu)
Talented and popular folk musician Baek Ja once had hopes and dreams of changing the world through his music. Part of the reunification band Urinara, (Our Country) we see how his outlook on life and music has changed through the changing times of Korean society.

Now with a family and bills to pay, Baek Ja plays at local bars where even he needs to audition to get the gig. Still a passionate artist, Baek Ja begins to wonder if people appreciated his music, or were just interested in the reunification movement at the time.

Although focusing primarily on the life of an individual's passion, depression and hope, the film becomes a portrait of the 386 Generation's dreams of revolution.

Dates   Mon 10 Sep 2012, 6pm
    No Longer Available
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