Silenced (Dokani)

Unclassified 18+
Hwang Dong-hyuk, 125 mins, South Korea, 2011, DCP, Korean with English Subtitles. Courtesy: CJ Entertainment.

Silenced (Dokani)
Silenced (Dokani)
On his first day at Ja-ae Academy, a boarding school for deaf children, art teacher Kang In-ho is met with apprehension from his students and the unethical ways of the principal and his administration. When the children finally open up, In-ho faces the shocking and ugly truth about the school and what the students have been enduring in secret: the children are being physically and sexually abused by their teachers.

Adapted from Gong Ji-young's highly controversial online novel, The Crucible (Dogani), Silenced is based on a true story of mass sexual abuse of deaf students at Gwangju Inhwa School, Gwangju in the early 2000s. The film sparked outrage both locally and internationally and even caught the attention of South Korea's government, who called for further investigations into the case.

Dates   Sun 9 Sep 2012, 9pm
    No Longer Available
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