3rd Korean Film Festival in Australia

The 3rd Korean Film Festival in Australia (KOFFIA) brings Korean cinema to an international audience.

A thriving industry known for its melodramatic comedies, brutal crime thrillers and edgy animation, Korean cinema has become a global brand due to its willingness to push the boundaries of the medium.

Discover your connection with Korean cinema over five days of unforgettable films.

Saturday 8 September - Wednesday 12 September 2012
Full $14 Concession $12 ACMI Member $10
Group bookings (10 tickets or more): $12
Multi Pass (4 sessions): Full $50 Concession $40 ACMI Member $36
*Multi Pass cannot be used for Opening Reception or Opening Film
NB > Passes can only be purchased by phone (03 8663 2583) or in person at the Tickets and Information Desk

Sunny (Sseoni)

A once inseparable group of girls come together years later as women before time runs out in this warm, nostalgic comedy.

The King of Pigs (Dae gi eui wang)

An award-winning independent animation that is daring, violent and a strong comment on the bullying culture in Korean schools.

Oldboy (Oldeuboi)

15 years of imprisonment, five days to seek his revenge. The must-see Korean movie of all time!

Bleak Night (Pasuggun)

Faced with the troubles of youth, three best friends push their friendship to the limit.

Christmas In August (Palwolui Christmas)

A melodrama for the ages, relive the film that was at the forefront of the Korean wave phenomenon.

All About My Wife (Nae anaeui modeun geot)

When an opportunity to escape his wife and marriage comes undone, Doo-hyun sets about hiring a local Casanova to seduce her.

Silenced (Dokani)

A new teacher uncovers a dark, disturbing secret at a boarding school for deaf children.

Leafie: A Hen into the Wild (Madangeul naon amtak)

Leafie's dream of raising her own eggs and roaming free in the wild is changed when she finally escapes her coop.

The Reason Why I Step (Georeumiu iyu)

The story of folk musician Baek Ja and the changes in popular movements in South Korean society over the past decade.

The Frontline (Gojijeon)

The story of a fierce battle to hold Aerok Hill that could determine the new border between the North and South.

Late Blossom (Keudaereul saranghamnida)

A beautiful story about two elderly couples, 'Late Blossom' became a surprise independent hit.

Spring Summer Autumn Winter...and Spring (Bom yeoreum gaeul gyeoul geurigo bom)

Told in five chapters, we see the journey a young Buddhist monk must take on his path towards enlightenment.

War of the Arrows (Choejongbyeonggi hwal)

A young archer sets out to save his younger sister and avenge his demolished village in a war of the arrows.

The Client (Uiroein)

A bed soaked in blood, a missing body and charges of murder - no one can be trusted in this epic courtroom thriller.

The Day He Arrives (Bukchon banghyang)

A dreamy fantasy about a man wandering Seoul in patterns of coincidence, as he longs for what might have been.

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