La Mirada Film Festival 2010

The Last Summer of La Boyita
The Last Summer of La Boyita
A showcase of contemporary and timeless film classics from Spain and Latin America.

Pedro Almodóvar presents five masterpieces to complement an eclectic program of fresh and innovative classics. Two of cinema's greatest auteurs, Martin Scorsese and Stephen Daldry (The Reader, The Hours and Billy Elliot), each share their favourite films.

Thursday 1 April to Sunday 11 April 2010
Full $16 Concession $12
5 Session Package: Full $70 Concession $50
Opening Night Gala: Full $49 Concession $42
Closing Night Gala: Full $29 Concession $24
Spanish Cuisine Feast (Prior to A Day at El Bulli screening): $12
Tango lesson (after tango films) > free on presentation of film ticket

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Announcing special encore screenings of A Day at El Bulli and Me Too, plus the Australian premiere of El Bulli, the History of a Dream, on Monday 12 April!

Special Event

Spanish Cuisine and Film

La Mirada invites you to indulge in a leisurely lunch of delectable tapas and premium Spanish wine.

Film Program

Me Too (Yo también)

A delightful, offbeat comedy-drama that challenges society's deeply ingrained prejudices.

Tango, a Story with Jews (Tango, una historia con judíos)

Gabriel Pomeraniec's documentary chronicles the vital Jewish influence in the origins of tango.

Stranded: I've Come from a Plane That Crashed on the Mountains

A compelling documentary about a plane crash and fight for survival on a remote Andean glacier.

Son & Moon (Diario de un astronauta)

A documentary depicting an astronaut's long-distance relationship with his seven-year-old son.

Lovers (Amantes)

This sophisticated film noir is one of the most significant films in Spanish cinema.

25 Carat (25 kilates)

A tense journey through the underbelly of Barcelona, teeming with thieves, hitmen and corrupt cops.

The Tango Lesson

Director Sally Potter stars in her own film in which she fulfills a dream to become a tango dancer.

A Good Man (Un buen hombre)

The relationship between two professors is tainted by an unspeakable crime in this superb thriller.

Thesis (Tesis)

Amenábar's directorial debut is a mesmerising reflection of society's fascination with violence.


A woman's infant son disappears while on a boat trip in this unforgettable thriller.

A Matter of Principles (Cuestión de principios)

A man is forced to confront his values, his family and himself in this heartwarmingly funny film.

Agua Fría

A mesmerising film from Costa Rica that infuses meaning into the most mundane of affairs.

Optical Illusions (Ilusiones ópticas)

A blind man's ordinary life is turned upside down when he recovers a precarious ability to see.

Map of the Sounds of Tokyo (Mapa de los sonidos de Tokio)

A beautiful Japanese hitwoman falls in love with the Spaniard she's been hired to kill.

A Day at El Bulli (Un día en El Bulli)

This documentary is a fascinating insight into El Bulli, one of the best restaurants in the world.

Robbery at 3 O'Clock (Atraco a las tres)

A group of adorable losers decide to rob the bank in which they work in this classic Spanish comedy.

The Damned (Los condenados)

This thought-provoking, inspiring film tells the story of an exiled activist's return to Argentina.

La Mirada de Stephen Daldry

Three time Oscar nominee Stephen Daldry chooses his favourite film exclusively for La Mirada.


A middle-aged farmer's certainties are confronted when a Peruvian labourer arrives to help.

Mother Dearly Beloved (Mater amatísima)

This film tells the story of a sophisticated woman and the autistic child who transforms her life.

The Last Summer of La Boyita (El último verano de la boyita)

A tender portrayal of the changes faced by two children beginning the transition to adolescence.

Café de los Maestros

This infectious documentary follows a group of tango musicians preparing for a mythical performance.

Northless (Norteado)

A sweetly affecting tale of a young man's quest to enter the United States at the Tijuana border.

Fat People (Gordos)

A group of overweight characters commence group therapy to try and overcome their body image issues.

La Mirada de Martin Scorsese

Legendary director Martin Scorsese chooses his favourite Hispanic film exclusively for La Mirada.

The Tango of My Life (El tango de mi vida)

A documentary following a collection of performers competing in an amateur tango-singing contest.

The Island Inside (La isla interior)

Three siblings are forced to leave their 'inner island' by the imminent death of their father.

The Swindlers (Los tramposos)

A memorable fresco of 1950s Madrid picaresque and one of the all-time Spanish classics.

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