La Mirada Film Festival 2012

The Wild Kids (Els nens salvatges)

The Wild Kids (Els nens salvatges)

A showcase of the best classic and contemporary films in Spanish language cinema.

Co-programmed by Pedro Almodóvar with guest curator Wes Anderson (The Royal Tenenbaums).

Enjoy entertainment, treats and beverages at La Mirada Lounge with special event 'Spanish Cuisine and Film', alongside the popular opening and closing night galas.


Thursday 15 November - Monday 26 November 2012
Full $17 Concession/ACMI Members $14
Opening Night: Full $55 Concession/ACMI Members: $44
Closing Night: Full $33 Concession/ACMI Members $25
Spanish Cuisine & Film: Full $26 Concession/ACMI Members $22
5 Session Pass*: Full $72 Concession/ACMI Members $52

* Excludes opening and closing nights and special events

Extraterrestrial (Extraterrestre)

In this festival's opening film, a man wakes up after a one-night stand with a beautiful woman to discover there's a UFO invasion.

In the Open (El campo)

A young family on a rural getaway experience a growing disquiet that evolves into panic.

Half of Oscar (La mitad de Óscar)

An intriguing and captivating film about solitary characters and forbidden love, starring the wonderful Verónica Echegui.

Las acacias

A mother and her baby are grudgingly transported by a surly trucker on a long journey from Paraguay to Buenos Aires.

Kathmandu Lullaby (Katmandú, un espejo en el cielo)

A Spanish woman devotes herself to educating and improving the lives of underprivileged Nepalese citizens.

Sleep Tight (Mientras duermes)

In this psychological thriller, a disgruntled doorman maliciously inserts himself into the lives of the building's residents.

6 Points About Emma (Seis puntos sombre Emma)

A beautiful, blind woman obsessed with becoming pregnant embarks on a series of sexual adventures that defy expectation.

The Cat Vanishes (El gato desaparece)

A nail-biting psychological thriller in which a woman reunites with her husband after his release from a mental institution.

The Red Squirrel (La ardilla roja)

Julio Medem's acclaimed cinematic triumph tells the story of a couple that meets under the most unlikely circumstances.

Mugaritz BSO

Enjoy a lunch of delicious tapas and fine Spanish wine, followed by a documentary about one of the best restaurants in the world.

The Wild Kids (Els nens salvatges)

Three close friends weather the usual stresses of adolescence until a stunning event smashes their worlds apart.

White Elephant (Elefante blanco)

A moving, visually stunning account of two ghetto priests dedicated to defending the residents of a Buenos Aires shantytown.

Machete Language (El lenguaje de los machetes)

A raw and exciting film about a romantically destructive, star-crossed couple who are poised to commit an act of poetic terrorism.

The Clay Diaries (El cuaderno de barro)

A breathtaking documentary capturing the living art sculpture/performance piece conceived by Spanish artist Miquel Barceló.

Cold Call (A puerta fría)

This engrossing study of one man's swift moral decline over 36 hours is a compact and tightly-scripted morality play.

The Sleeping Voice (La voz dormida)

A heart-rending love story set in the early days of Franco's fascist regime in Spain.

The Girl of Your Dreams (La niña de tus ojos)

Penélope Cruz stars in this film about a company of Spanish filmmakers who are invited to work in Hitler's Germany.

Los Marziano

A stylish comedy depicting the long-delayed and potentially explosive reunion between two estranged brothers.

The Island Inside (La isla interior)

This eccentric drama centres on a dysfunctional family united by the death of their schizophrenic patriarch.

The Double Steps (Los pasos dobles)

The life of French artist François Augiéras is juxtaposed with that of his spiritual heir, Miquel Barceló, in this striking work.

La Mirada de Wes Anderson

La Mirada presents a film selected by the very talented Wes Anderson (The Royal Tenenbaums), to be revealed on the night.

The Zero Hour (La hora cero)

A Caracas gang leader embarks on a desperate, violent rampage aimed at saving his pregnant, gunshot ex-girlfriend.


Gael García Bernal stars as a Chilean ad executive who attempts to undermine the oppressive regime of dictator Augusto Pinochet.

Ghost Graduation (Promoción fantasma)

A teacher with paranormal abilities is charged with helping a group of ghosts graduate high school.

The Last Elvis (El último Elvis)

Travel through the delusional 'Lonely Street' of chunky, 1970s-era Elvis impersonator Carlos in this bittersweet film.

Cousinhood (Primos)

A touching and hilarious romp in which three cousins make a pilgrimage to the village of their youth to recapture lost love.

Game of Werewolves (Lobos de Arga)

In La Mirada's closing night film, a man returns to his childhood village only to be confronted by a century-old curse.

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