furrows (surcos)

Unclassified 18+
José Antonio Nieves Conde, 89 mins, Spain, 1951, B&W, Spanish with English subtitles

furrows (surcos)
Furrows (Surcos)
In the early years of Franco's dictatorship, a family of farmers moves to Madrid to escape the hardships of rural life only to have their dreams obliterated by a society that forces them to choose between delinquency and starvation.

Spanish cinema in the fifties was plagued by a plethora of filmic Falangist heroes and folkloric stars. Using neo-realist techniques, Surcos counteracted the official trend, presenting a brave and vivid testimony of a country plunged into economic and spiritual misery. Selected by Pedro Almodóvar.

Dates   Sat 11 Apr 2009, 1.30pm
No Longer Available
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