the paranoids (los paranoicos)

Unclassified 18+
Gabriel Medina, 98 mins, Argentina, 2008, 35mm, Spanish with English subtitles

the paranoids (los paranoicos)
The Paranoids (Los Paranoicos)
A superb Daniel Hendler gives life to a truly unforgettable anti-hero, one of the most oddly sexy characters in Argentinean cinema ever, in this terrific comedy from Gabriel Medina.

Luciano (Daniel Hendler) is an insecure screenwriter whose feelings of inadequacy worsen when his annoyingly successful friend Manuel returns from Spain where he created a hit TV show whose main character is based - and named - after Luciano!

The screening is followed by the Closing Night party.

Dates   Sun 12 Apr 2009, 7pm
No Longer Available
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