Levelled Up - End Game

Unclassified 15+

Oscar + Martin
Oscar + Martin

It's END GAME for Late Bit and we are going out with a bang.

Join Comeback Kid DJs as they spin tunes in the Lightwell and ramp up the final night of the Late Bit program.

Electro geeks Mintendo return to bid farewell to the Game Masters exhibition with their games-inspired synthy tunes and indietronic beats.

Closing out Late Bit are the wonky pop duo Oscar + Martin. Creating music full of joy and childlike profundity, Oscar + Martin are a blend of analogue keyboards, tape loops, toy instruments and percussion that results in complex and driving tunes. Rubbing up against a decidedly hip hop sensibility, Oscar + Martin explore new musical territory, and aren't afraid of making you want to dance.

Come for the exhibition and stay up for the Late Bit one last time with Late Bit: Levelled Up - End Game.

Dates   Thu 25 Oct 2012, 6pm
    No Longer Available
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