Levelled Up - Synth Pop!

Unclassified 15+


Late Bit is set to pop in September with a line up of local synth masters.

Interdisciplinary musician Galapagoose, aka artist Trent Gill, will bring his distinctly DIY ethos and multilayered musical creations to the Lightwell, showcasing his unique blend of sampling, distorted vocals and bouncing synth on the Late Bit stage.

Joining Galapagoose is Kikuyu, aka a micropop protagonist Sez Wilks, whose small-scale lo-fi style includes her looping warm vocals and melodic harmonies with fuzzy in-built beats and bright synth pop sounds.

Also featuring the tunes of DJ Zeal, this Late Bit will offer up an interwoven game-style synth soundtrack - the perfect accompaniment to the Game Masters exhibition and a guaranteed way to make your Thursday night pop!

Dates   Thu 27 Sep 2012, 6pm
Location   ACMI Lightwell

Free > Walk in

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