Levelled Up - Versus

MA 15+


This very special Late Bit is all about experimentation. Nerd vs Cool, Game vs Art or Sound vs Music - this session will divide and conquer your senses.

Featuring music from all ends of the sound/image spectrum, the evening features resident DJs Two Bright Lakes, whose coherent and danceworthy selections have moved heads and feet around the country for nearly a decade.

Levelling up the night will be Melbourne ambient pop troubadour, Space Cactus, whose psychedelic downbeat synths and mesmerising sound will go head to head with the unconventional beats and samples of electronic sound scientist Guerre.

Bringing this sensory-driven Late Bit to a spectacular close, Two Bright Lakes will return with an audiovisual set featuring an eclectic mix of music and custom-made visuals.

Dates   Thu 26 Jul 2012, 6pm
Location   ACMI Lightwell
Admission   Free > Walk in
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