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Filmmaking Across the Curriculum

A Beginner's Guide

Filmmaking with students is a powerful teaching and learning experience - and lots of fun! Student filmmaking is now possible at all levels and across the curriculum with the availability of user-friendly digital cameras and editing software. This guide is designed to help classroom teachers get started with student film projects. It is applicable to both animation and live action productions, with separate technical guides as required.

Learning to create film stories from start to finish can significantly enrich learning, enabling students to develop diverse skills, understanding and knowledge in a wide range of areas. For example, film projects can explore an idea or present information as part of a Humanities/English/Science/LOTE/Health unit of work; create or re-tell stories in English; and develop media and screen literacy skills in Arts and English.

Filmmaking experiences foster imagination, innovation, creativity and problem-solving and support the development of a range of skill sets central to dealing with a changing world, including high level personal, communication and social competencies needed to work independently and within groups.

Student learning outcomes can include the development of skills, knowledge and understandings in the following areas:

  • creative and critical thinking
  • problem solving and inquiry learning
  • research
  • screen writing
  • creative design
  • music, camera techniques and editing
  • teamwork, time management and planning
  • presentation and publicity.

This guide includes an article on each of the three different stages of film production:

Pre-production (296KB)
getting started, creating a script for your film, learning key filmmaking guidelines.

 Production (226KB)
crew roles, using the camera, planning the shoot, filming the shoot.

 Post-production (149KB)
editing, publicity and screening, student assessment.

Author: Annemaree O'Brien

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