Len Lye Special Events

A program of exhibition tours, workshops and talks, revealing the links and connections that inform and unite Len Lye's diverse practice across experimental films, paintings and sketches, photographic works and kinetic steel sculptures.

Curator Tour

Join the exhibition curators for an in-depth tour of the exhibition.

Private Tour and Dinner Package

ACMI is offering exclusive after-hours private bookings to see our major exhibition Len Lye.

Roger Horrocks on Len Lye's Art of Motion

Roger Horrocks explores what the world of art may have looked like through the eyes of an artist whose primary interest was "the mystery of motion."

Scratch It

Create your own direct film by painting and scratching images directly onto celluloid.

Gary Simmons on Movement and Time in Film

Gary Simmons examines the capacity for screen-based media to modify space and time.

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