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Len Lye Exhibition Catalogue

Len Lye Exhibition Catalogue
Edited by Tyler Cann and Wystan Curnow
Published: 2009
Publisher: Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery and Len Lye Foundation
184pp; colour hardback
ISBN 978 1 920805 27 2


New Zealand-born Len Lye (1901-1980) is one of the most innovative artists of the modernist era and a seminal figure in the history of the moving image.

Lye pioneered techniques of 'direct filmmaking', which involve painting and scratching imagery directly onto celluloid. His films such as A Colour Box (1935) and Free Radicals (1958) have become cinematic landmarks of artistic expression, influencing successive generations of filmmakers, artists, animators and designers.

While the critical recognition of Lye's films has increased, less well-known is the range of styles, media and places in which the artist worked. Len Lye reveals the links and connections that inform and unite his diverse practice, which includes experimental films, paintings and drawings, photographic works and remarkable motion sculptures.

This special edition publication accompanies Len Lye, the largest and most comprehensive exhibition of the artist's work to date, and features works never before exhibited, and follows the technical processes and conceptual threads that run through Lye's career.
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