Linotype: The Film

Unclassified 15+
Douglas Wilson, 76 mins, USA, 2012, Digital Betacam. Source: On Paper Wings. Courtesy: Holmesglen Institute.

Linotype: The Film
Linotype: The Film

Linotype: The Film is a feature-length documentary centred around the Linotype type casting machine. Called the "Eighth Wonder of the World" by Thomas Edison, it revolutionised printing and society.

The Linotype (pronounced "line-o-type") completely transformed the communication of information at its time of introduction. Although these machines were once revolutionary, modern technology has long superseded the Linotype, and they have since been scrapped and melted-down by the thousands. Today, very few machines are still in existence.

This documentary film tells the charming and emotional story of the people connected to the Linotype and how it impacted the world.

Dates   Tue 29 May 2012, 7pm
    No Longer Available
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