liquid architecture sound arts festival 2004: tony conrad

liquid architecture 5

Tony Conrad is considered one of the earliest minimalist composer/performers.

A pioneering force behind the evolution of minimalism, violinist and composer Tony Conrad introduced the idea of 'Eternal Music', a droning, mesmerizing performance idiom which employs long durations, amplification and precise pitch to explore new worlds of sound.

At ACMI Cinemas, he will present a selection of short films from his career. Some of his films include Straight and Narrow (1970), Film Feedback (1974), and the now legendary structuralist experimental film The Flicker (1966). This cause celebre famously caused a sensation when it premiered at the New York Film Festival with its warning before the opening titles that viewing the film could induce hallucinations.

Dates   Saturday 17 July 2004, 5.30pm
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