Breaking Bad: Images from the Edge of America

MA 15+

Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad
What does a good, middle-American man do when he's pushed to the edge? In producer Vince Gilligan's runaway cult series, Breaking Bad, there are no easy forks in the road.

Set and produced in Albuquerque New Mexico, Breaking Bad follows the journey and moral dilemma of protagonist Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with terminal cancer. In order to provide security for his family, he transforms from mild-mannered family man into a kingpin of the drug trade.

At the intersection of cinema, television and visual culture, Breaking Bad is a complex televisual blend of references from classic cinematic thrillers, contemporary American photography and literary hooks.

Join Ian Gouldstone (co-founder of Pachinko Pictures), David Surman (artist and designer) and Dr Esther Milne (Swinburne University) as they guide us through the moral rollercoaster of Breaking Bad.

Dates   Thu 21 Oct 2010, 7pm
    No Longer Available
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