'It' Girls

Unclassified 15+

Girls. Image courtesy of HBO.
Girls. Image courtesy of HBO.
Debuting earlier in the year to the kind of hype that most new shows would kill for, Girls follows the lives of four post-college Brooklynites as they navigate relationship trials, career tribulations, financial troubles, friendship storms and New York warehouse parties.


Created, written and directed by and starring indie filmmaker Lena Dunham, the show was quick to polarise audiences with its refreshingly blunt social commentary, frank take on sex and sexuality and exploration of distinctly female experiences.

Lauded with equal amounts of praise and backlash, the first season of Girls has not only given voice to a new breed of televised women, but has also resulted in an increasingly vocal viewing audience.

With all this talk - both on and off the screen - it's time to weigh in on the Girls discussion. Join a panel of guests including cultural commentator Clementine Ford, editor and publisher of The Lifted Brow Sam Cooney, co-curator and host of Women of Letters Michaela McGuire and freelance writer Byron Bache as they take a look at the potential 'voice of a generation' being spoken by television's newest group of 'it' Girls.

Hosted by RRR's Jess McGuire and featuring a range of Girls inspired music by special musical guest Kikuyu.

Dates   Thu 29 Nov 2012, 7pm
    No Longer Available
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