Boxcutters Present: When TV Goes Wrong

MA 15+

The Boxcutters
The Boxcutters
What happens when good TV goes bad?

From going all-out crazy in soaps like Chances and Passions, to re-tooled remakes (Charlies Angels anyone?) and bizarre spin-offs, television has a long history of getting it wrong. From script re-writes to unsuccesful cast changes, the slightest misstep can spell the end of a once-quality series.

Amongst the flops and the bombs are the shows that got it right when things went wrong. Think Roseanne's new Becky, Dr Who's regenerative solution to an ailing star, or The West Wing's approach to dealing with real life disasters, all proving that it doesn't always have to be so bad.

Join Boxcutters' Josh Kinal and John Richards as they delve deep into the archives with an amusing look at the different ways that TV shows can go wrong and the ingenious ways in which some have been able to turn potential bumps into ratings gold.

Dates   Thu 30 Aug 2012, 7pm
    No Longer Available
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