Twin Peaks

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Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks
A masterpiece of early '90s surrealist television, David Lynch's Twin Peaks retains its cult status to this day. Through two inventive, mind-altering series, one question reverberated around the televisual world - who killed Laura Palmer?

But Lynch's opus was so much more than just a murder mystery. Through his often melodramatic, funny and sinister rendering of the small-town community of Twin Peaks, Lynch's ambivalent portrayal of America has stayed under the skin of many a media buff for almost two decades.

Join Martyn Pedler (film critic for Triple J Magazine and University of Melbourne), Dr Saige Walton (University of Melbourne), Christian McCrea (Swinburne University), Alexandra Heller-Nicholas (La Trobe University) and Simone Hine (University of Melbourne) for a marathon nine-hour celebration of Twin Peaks talks and screenings that pay homage to some of your favourite characters as well as the auteur of eerie Americana himself, David Lynch.

Twin Peaks is available on DVD

Marathon Schedule

Noon > Martyn Pedler on Lara Palmer, Screening: The Pilot
2pm > Short break
2.15pm > Simone Hine on Audrey Horne, Screening: Episode 6
3.20pm > Short break
3.30pm > Alex Heller-Nicholas on The FBI, Screening: Episode 14
4.35pm > 30 minute break
5.05pm > Christian McCrae on Bob and The Lodge, Screening: The Final Epiosde
6.05pm > Short break
6.15pm > Saige Walton on David Lynch plus Q&A with all presenters
6.45pm > Screening: Fire Walk With Me (rated R18+)
9pm > Finish

Donuts will be provided but you'll need to BYO food (nothing hot, please). The ACMI Lounge can cater to marathon-goers - just fill out this catering form.

Live twitter feed

We launched a competition to find a special twin-tweeter who could keep us up-to-date with the goings-on during the marathon. All you had to do was tweet your answer to the question, "What does Agent Cooper dream at night?" using the #laurathon hashtag for the chance to win a spot on the comfy Live in the Sudio couch plus cherry pie and coffee.

Emily Zoey Baker (otherwise known as @easybee) won the top job with her answer: "What, with everything being all backwards, it's lucky your name is a palindrome, Bob" and will be live-tweeting from the event. Follow the twitter discussion on the day with the #laurathon hashtag.

Dates   Thu 25 Nov 2010, 12pm
    No Longer Available
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