star-studded reality: celebrities get real!

 image of cast celebrity overhaul
Celebrity Overhaul
Every year, critics, audiences and media practitioners claim that the end is near for Reality TV. Yet, every year RTV seems to deliver new surprises, new stars, and some extraordinary television moments.

While those reality shows based around the experiences of 'ordinary folk' seem to be struggling, those packed with celebrities, such as Celebrity Overhaul and Dancing with the Stars, are rating through the roof.

Where it was previously the transformation of ordinary people into celebrities that had us transfixed, now we tune in to watch as celebrities grapple with weight issues and public humiliation.

Join Lounge Critic favourite Jane Roscoe to discuss how these changes are transforming TV schedules and the future of reality-based programming.

Jane Roscoe
Jane Roscoe has recently taken up the position of Programming Executive at SBS Television. Previously she was the Head of the Centre for Screen Studies and Research at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School. She has published widely in the areas of documentary, Reality TV, audiences and mock-documentary. She is the co-author (with Craig Hight) of Faking It: Mock-documentary and the Subversion of Factuality (Manchester University Press, 2001). Roscoe and Hight are completing their second book, this time with a focus on television mock-documentary series (Manchester University Press).

Dates   Thu 7 Jul 2005, 7pm
Admission   Full $12
Concession $10
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