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Gary Hustwit, 82 mins, USA, 2011, HDCam. Courtesy: Swiss Dots.

The final instalment in Gary Hustwit's design film trilogy is a compelling look into urban design that urges citizens to take a closer look at the place they call home.

While many cities struggle under the weight of expansion others are simply fading into ghost towns. With an estimated 75% of the population moving to urban centres by 2050 it is easy to assume that Hustwit's film will paint a picture of impending doom.

However, Urbanized offers up a plethora of smart ideas and innovative, socially-led thinking. Covering an enormous amount of ground from Mumbai to Santiago, the film features some giants of the architectural world including Rem Koolhaas and Norman Foster, alongside city planners such as Amanda Burden (Director of the New York City Department of City Planning) and grassroots activists who are fundamentally changing their environs.

Innovative low-cost housing schemes in Santiago inspire food for thought as does the stunning results for a Cape Town community by the changes made by landscape architect Tarna Klitzner. In Bogotà, Mayor Enrique Peñalosa is literally putting the horse before the cart in working to prioritise public transport over private car ownership. "I don't see anywhere in our constitution the right to parking" he says - surely music to any traffic-jammed commuter's ears!

Screens as part of Hustwit's design film trilogy with Helvetica and Objectified.

"Fascinating, idea-packed documentary" - The New York Times
In ACMI's view this film contains classifiable material that would not exceed PG.

The previously advertised 6.45pm screening on Sun 3 Feb will now screen at 7.15pm.

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