when we were kings special screenings

Leon Gast, 89 mins, USA, 1996, 35mm. Courtesy: NBC Universal

when we were kings
When We Were Kings
When the 1974 heavyweight championship prize fight between reigning title holder George Foreman and challenger Muhammad Ali was delayed by six weeks in Zaire, it unexpectedly offered director Leon Gast unprecedented time and access to Ali.

His charisma, intelligence and wit allowed Gast to shape a fascinating document that goes beyond the event to also reveal the man.

Co-narrated by Spike Lee, Norman Mailer and George Plimpton, When We Were Kings won the Oscar for Best Documentary.

Special screenings of an imported print, to coincide with our Long Play season of the 2008 documentary Soul Power.

Dates   Sun 10 May 2009, 5.45pm
Sun 17 May 2009, 5.45pm
No Longer Available
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