macbeth preview screening

MA 15+
Geoffrey Wright, 109 mins, Australia, 2006, 35mm. Courtesy: Palace Films

image from macbeth
Join us for a preview screening of Macbeth, followed by a discussion with director Geoffrey Wright, producer Jenni Tosi, and special guest Marion Potts, Associate Director 2006 of the Bell Shakespeare company.  

Set amongst present day Melbourne's savage gangland wars, Macbeth, a loyal henchman to his crime boss Duncan, is told by teenage witches that he will one day assume a position of great power.

Fuelled by ambition, Macbeth confides in his beautiful drug-addicted wife, Lady Macbeth. He loves her to the point of obsession but she is mad with grief over the death of their only child.

On hearing the prophecy, Lady Macbeth comes to life, hatching a plot to kill Duncan so Macbeth can take leadership of the gang for himself. The infatuated Macbeth agrees to her murderous plan and everything is set to explode.  

Dates   Tue 19 Sep 2006, 7pm
No Longer Available
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