machinima film festival

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Edge of Remorse

The coolest machinima from around the world hits the big screen at ACMI.

Saturday 24 - Sunday 25 February 2007
Full $13 Concession $10
Festival Showcase (full day) Full $20 Concession $15

Rather than work with expensive camera equipment or costly 3D packages, Machinima (muh-sheen-eh-mah) creators make use of existing game characters and environments to make their films. more

Presented by the Academy of the Machinima Arts and Sciences. Sponsored by Beepa. Eddo Stern's travel supported by The Adelaide Film Festival.

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machinima film festival showcase

A full day of machinima including festival winners. International guests include Paul Marino, Eddo Stern and Jessica Hutchins.

thumbnail from stolen life

making machinima

The essentials of machinima production.

red vs blue (season four)

Join Gus Sorola for a report on activities at Rooster Teeth HQ and an intro to season four.

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Check out our interview with Paul Marino, Director of the Machinima Film Festival, Executive Director of the Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences, and the author of Art of Machinima: 3D based Filmmaking. (From the 2006 Machinima Film Festival at ACMI)

Or, read our essay discussing the relationship between games and the movies. (From Playing the Movies exhibition 2006)
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