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Telephones © Christian Marclay, courtesy Paula Cooper Gallery, New York
For ACMI, as Australia's premier cultural centre celebrating and exhibiting the moving image in all its forms, the partnership with the Musée de la musique to present Replay, the new exhibition of stunning works by Christian Marclay, is a natural synergy for two organisations focused on image and sound.

For Australian audiences, it will be an opportunity to see many of these exciting works for the first time. Christian Marclay is an eminent conceptualist, fascinated with all aspects of popular music and film. His Performance art and turntablism and his obsession for collecting and re-assembling contemporary artifacts is infectious. Through his artwork, his passion spreads via a singular vision to an increasingly broad audience.

The moving image surrounds us, entrenched in every part of our lives. Like many of us, Christian Marclay has spent a lifetime saturated in media, but unlike most - as an artist he has lived, loved and processed the images and sounds that form our cultural references. His craft of re-construction is musical itself with the pauses and absences as much a part of the work as the shots and beats. His compositions form new meanings and follow a rich heritage of montage within cinema and experimental film.

Marclay's work challenges us to re-contextualize our view of the world and its capacity to reframe the media landscape and to consume the sounds and images that form our cultural references in a new way. Marclay's use of wit and intelligence is certain to engage and excite.

Tony Sweeney, Director, ACMI

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