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Mary and Max: Create a Character Competition

To celebrate Mary and Max: The Exhibition and the craft of the claymation animator, we asked you to create your own plasticine character and send a photo of it in to our gallery.

Well, the response was overwhelming, with close to 50 entries (you can view all entries here). After much debate, the judges have now picked the winner and runners-up. Drumroll please!

Chook by Jack Kennedy
Chook by Jack Kennedy
Winner:  Jack Kennedy

About the character: This is a boy called Chook who lives in the suburb of West Springy Brook. By day he plays in his yard full of cars, pretending he's a knight or a spaceman on Mars. His dad is a mechanic and a football fanatic and his mum is just lovely; so full of life and bubbly. Make no mistake, Chook's life is great; he is happy as Larry with mum Sheryl, dog Chomp and his awesome dad Barry.

Wally the Watcher by Asher K
Wally the Watcher by Asher K
Runner-up:  Asher K (Age 12)

About the character: 'Wally the Watcher' is an old man who sits and watches the traffic go past. He looks like he is waiting and watching for something. When he is not watching the traffic, he sits in his old caravan.

Claude Scratchman by Stuart Dall
Claude Scratchman by Stuart Dall

Runner-up:  Stuart Dall   

About the character: Claude Scratchman, alley cat. Wants to use his street-smarts to help kittens get off the streets and have happy, functional lives. Opportunities for him to act have come several times but he always seemed to make a mess of them. Now he waits and hopes for one more chance to get it right and make a difference - because he's running out of time.




Billy the Possum by Joshua L
Billy the Possum by Joshua L

Junior Special Mention from the judges:  Joshua L (Age 8)  

About the character: 'Billy the Possum' is a very clever and mischievous possum, who originally lived in Adelaide but now travels around Australia having adventures and meeting new and exciting friends - including animals and humans.

Thanks to everyone who entered! Our winner receives a special photographic print from Mary and Max signed by Adam Elliot. We also have DVDs of Mary and Max for our winner and runners-up.

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