soldier girls

Nick Broomfield & Joan Churchill
87 mins, USA, 1980, 16mm

image from soldier girls
Image: Soldier Girls

Private Hall and Private Alvarez are volunteer recruits undertaking basic military training at Fort Gordon, Georgia, during the unfolding of the 1980 Iran - Iraq conflict. Soldier Girls traces their complex physical and psychological transformations under a gruelling training program. Intimate and candid observations of daily life in the camp reveal the internal politics of military training regimes - the drills, punishment and psychological conditioning.

Nick Broomfield is a UK born documentary filmmaker renowned for his investigative documentaries exploring the extraordinary and often absurd lives of celebrity subjects. His films have won awards widely, including at the British Film Academy Awards and the Sundance Film Festival.

Dates   Thursday 28 October 2004, 9pm &
Sunday 31 October 2004, 3pm
Admission   Full $13 concession $11
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