Thursday, 8 September 2011

ACMI presents 15 Second Place

15 Second Place
Today, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) launches a new website and free App for iPhone, 15 Second Place, enabling participants to capture and share the mood of their current location in 15 seconds of video.

Users anywhere inside or outside Australia - from big capital cities to small regional towns - can capture their individual insights in 15 seconds of video using their mobile phone. Participants can record their perspective on different places or track the same place at different times of the day or across different seasons. Armed with a hand-held device, the user becomes diarist, reporter and documenter, telling the story of their chosen place through the moving image.

15 Second Place encourages the user to explore aspects of creative practice that transform our streets such as street art, flash mobbing, public art, projected works, and big screen imagery. Participants can go 'behind the scenes' to hear the stories of selected places through short interviews with well-known artists, filmmakers and other creative experts.

The project's Digital Producer Sara Cousins says, "15 Second Place explores notions of place and time. It takes advantage of the mobile video camera and challenges the user's mobile filmmaking skills. We often hear people ask 'Where are you?' from their mobile phone; 15 Second Place provides a visual answer to this question."

Developed by ACMI, and funded by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, 15 Second Place is also a learning tool aimed at secondary school students and young adults. Based on the premise that place is fundamental to giving people an understanding of their environment, the project aims to develop students' screen-based storytelling skills in a way that is inquiry based and self-led.

Featuring content for educators, the website provides key questions, suggested activities and creative approaches that can be used to guide students to create their 15 second videos. Teachers can present material and organise activities around different challenges and themes in a variety of ways to suit students' interests and needs.

ACMI will also set a series of monthly challenges encouraging users to upload videos to the 15 Second Place website according to varying criteria. To be kept informed of these challenges, users should subscribe to the 15 Second Place website.

The project uses a Creative Commons-Attribution-Non-Commercial licensing model.

15 Second Place is developed by ACMI and funded by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, in partnership with the University of Melbourne and with support from the City of Melbourne.

Access the 15 Second Place website via
Download the free App for iPhone from the App Store.

Further information

Frances Mariani
Communications Coordinator
[direct phone] 61 3 8663 2475 [fax] 61 3 8663 2498 [mobile] 0434 603 655
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