Friday, 20 April 2012

ACMI presses play on new digital program

The Game Masters website will be launched soon
The Game Masters website will be launched soon

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) announces the launch of a digital project coinciding with the Melbourne Winter Masterpieces exhibition, Game Masters.

ACMI's digital project received funding through the Victorian Government's Broadband-Enabled Innovation Program which promotes the effective use of broadband lead adoption and innovative information and communication technology.

The Game Masters digital project will provide new ways to engage with the exhibition using high-capacity broadband networks. The project encourages a new level of audience engagement and a wider reach for ACMI programs in time for Game Masters. Outcomes will include a custom-built mobile game, website, eBook and a video conferencing system enabling multi-location programming across Victoria.

"We're really excited by this new digital venture, which will provide opportunities for audiences to engage with the Game Masters exhibition in accessible, educational and fun ways," said ACMI's Head of Exhibitions, Conrad Bodman. "This will be the first time we have explored such a model which will have real benefit for future programs."

Game Masters: The Game  

Game Masters: The Game is a custom-made mobile game created to enrich the experience of the exhibition or played on its own. Designed for all ages and abilities, players navigate a ball past opponents to score. The design features familiar game genres including space, sim and adventure games, drawing visual inspiration from early arcade through to the latest indie games. By visiting the exhibition, users can unlock additional game content by scanning codes within the gallery and also play a large-scale, two-player version of the game. Game Masters: The Game is being developed by Chocolate Liberation Front and will be available for download to iOS and Android devices in June 2012.

Game Masters Website

The Game Masters exhibition will have a content-rich mini-site featuring exclusive content such as news, behind-the-scenes insights, interviews, guest blogs, videos and competitions, and also act as the central hub for purchasing tickets, the Game Masters eBook and downloading the mobile game. 

Game Masters eBook

The Game Masters eBook is an extended version of the exhibition publication with video content. The eBook will be available via iTunes in June 2012. Both exhibition books are designed to be companions to the exhibition and as stand-alone publications.

Video Conferencing Initiative

This digital project includes the establishment of high-bandwidth infrastructure helping ACMI to reach audiences in regional areas and at schools and higher-education institutions, allowing for new and innovative programming streams via video conferencing.  

The mobile game, eBook and interactive website will be launched in June. The video conferencing program will begin 28 June.

Game Masters is a highly interactive videogame exhibition, showcasing the work of leading local and international videogame designers from the arcade era through to the latest console and mobile game technology. Over 30 game designers who have made a significant impact in the field will be profiled throughout the exhibition, including well-known international, independent and Australian game designers. The designers' work will be explored through 125 playable games and a combination of rare concept artwork and newly commissioned interviews in a spectacular gaming universe designed for all ages and abilities.

Presented as part of Melbourne Winter Masterpieces 2012, Game Masters opens 28 June and runs until 28 October 2012. For more information, please visit

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