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Live in the Studio: October, November

Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks
The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) continues its live TV appreciation program Live in the Studio throughout October and November.

One Thursday of every month ACMI's Studio 1 becomes a hub for TV enthusiasts to celebrate the finer points of the tube - a place to indulge your love of the small screen.

The series presents industry experts and luminaries, academics, aficionados and pop-culture sovereigns for a series of live talks, screenings and performances that revel in TV past and present.

Thu 21 Oct 2010, 7pm
Breaking Bad: Images from the Edge of America
MA 15+

What does a good, middle-American man do when he's pushed to the edge? In producer Vince Gilligan's runaway cult series, Breaking Bad, there are no easy forks in the road.

Set and produced in Albuquerque New Mexico, Breaking Bad follows the journey and moral dilemma of protagonist Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with terminal cancer. In order to provide security for his family, he transforms from mild-mannered family man into a kingpin of the drug trade.

At the intersection of cinema, television and visual culture, Breaking Bad is a complex televisual blend of references from classic cinematic thrillers, contemporary American photography and literary hooks.

Join Ian Gouldstone, David Surman and Dr Esther Milne as they guide us through the moral rollercoaster of Breaking Bad.

Venue:   Studio 1, ACMI, Federation Square
Tickets:   Full $14 Concession $11 + Members $10
Duration:   1.5 hours

Thu 25 Nov 2010, 12pm
Twin Peaks
MA 15+

A masterpiece of early '90s surrealist television, David Lynch's Twin Peaks retains its cult status to this day. Through two inventive, mind-altering series, one question reverberated around the televisual world - who killed Laura Palmer?

But Lynch's opus was so much more than just a murder mystery. Through his often melodramatic, funny and sinister rendering of the small-town community of Twin Peaks, Lynch's ambivalent portrayal of America has stayed under the skin of many a media buff for almost two decades.

Join Martyn Pedler (film critic for Triple J Magazine and University of Melbourne), Dr Saige Walton (University of Melbourne), Christian McCrea (Swinburne University), Alexandra Heller-Nicholas (La Trobe University) and Simone Hine (University of Melbourne) for a marathon nine-hour celebration of Twin Peaks talks and screenings that pay homage to some of your favourite characters as well as the auteur of eerie Americana himself, David Lynch.

The screenings will include the Pilot, "Cooper's Dreams" (episode 6), "Miss Twin Peaks" (episode 29), "Beyond Life and Death" (episode 30) and Fire Walk With Me, with discussions and Q&A sessions following. The event will run for nine hours, finishing at 9pm, with regular intervals during the day.

Twin Peaks is available on DVD 

Venue:   Studio 1, ACMI, Federation Square
Tickets:   Full $18 Concession $15 + Members $14
Duration:   9 hours



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