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Media Archive

2/07/2014 ACMI announces Yang Fudong exhibition
15/05/2014 ACMI presents First Look: Watermark
13/05/2014 ACMI presents First Look: Rhymes for Young Ghouls
12/05/2014 ACMI presents First Look: Model Shop
8/05/2014 Desert Island Flicks: Castaway with Kitty Flanagan
7/05/2014 ACMI presents Jazz on Film
7/05/2014 Live in the Studio: Veronica Mars
6/05/2014 ACMI's Hothouse: growing young Victorian filmmakers into tall poppies
5/05/2014 Gia Coppola's Palo Alto to screen at ACMI
30/04/2014 Ian Potter Moving Image Commission Applications Open
9/04/2014 ACMI premieres DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition to the world
20/02/2014 Autumn Film Program 2014
28/02/2014 Designing Dreams Studio
26/02/2014 IMAX international Vice President joins ACMI as Deputy Director
24/02/2014 Desert Island Flicks: Castaway with Kaz Cooke
4/02/2014 Angelica Mesiti: The Calling Opens at ACMI
23/01/2014 Live in the Studio: TV Behind Bars
14/01/2014 A Life Exposed: Robyn Beeche + The Legend of Leigh Bowery
10/01/2014 White Night Melbourne at ACMI
8/01/2014 Jia Zhangke's A Touch of Sin to screen at ACMI
7/01/2014 Angelica Mesiti's The Calling to open at ACMI
11/12/2013 Australian Hip Hop and the Moving Image
4/12/2013 BFI executive Chris Travers joins ACMI as Marketing and Development Director
29/11/2013 Budding filmmakers encouraged to take part in ACMI Hothouse 2014
28/11/2013 Battle of the Sexes
22/11/2013 Winning Connections - Announcing the Screen It Winners for 2013
31/10/2013 Computer Chess screens at ACMI
31/10/2013 Warwick Thornton's The Darkside
29/10/2013 Muscle Shoals screens at ACMI
28/10/2013 2013 Screen It Finalists Announced!
21/10/2013 Castaway with Brendan Maclean
15/10/2013 ACMI to screen Pieta by director Kim Ki-duk
9/10/2013 Splendid Chaps: 50th Anniversary Tribute to Doctor Who
26/09/2013 Spectacle: The Music Video Exhibition launches
18/09/2013 Gotye & His Collaborators Live at ACMI
9/09/2013 Announcing Cut To The Beat: Music Video Challenge
29/08/2013 Focus On: The Cinema of Shirley Clarke
22/08/2013 Announcing Screen It Ambassadors: Bajo and Hex from ABC TV's Good Game!
19/08/2013 Visitors flock to frocks and smocks as Hollywood Costume closes at ACMI
2/08/2013 Announcing DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition at ACMI in 2014
17/07/2013 New Board President and Members for ACMI
9/07/2013 Hollywood Costume caps off ACMI's best year yet
10/07/2013 Live in the Studio: The End of Enlightment
8/07/2013 La Maison de la Radio and Oh Boy: ACMI Spring Long Plays
4/07/2013 Great British Fashion on Film
1/07/2013 Great British Film at ACMI
27/06/2013 There's no place like ACMI: ACMI celebrates The Wizard of Oz
13/06/2013 ACMI announces Spectacle: The Music Video Exhibition
29/04/2013 The Human Scale
14/05/2013 Focus On Reykjavik Calling: The Icemen Cometh
15/04/2013 Like Someone in Love
9/05/2013 Shaun Tan's The Lost Thing: From book to film
23/04/2013 Hollywood Costume opens
23/04/2013 Jazz on Film The Unsung Heroes
9/04/2013 Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me
13/03/2013 ACMI goes behind the seams with Deborah Landis
5/03/2013 Hollywood Costume comes to Melbourne
18/02/2013 ACMI has Oscar costumes all sewn up
18/02/2013 Ready. Set. Connect. Registrations open Screen It 2013
5/02/2013 Warwick Thornton: Mother Courage Opens at ACMI
17/01/2013 Great Britain Arts 13 and ACMI
18/12/2012 The Inaugural Ian Potter Moving Image Commission Awarded to Angelica Mesiti
12/12/2012 Not-so-live in the Studio: Examining The Walking Dead
12/12/2012 Castaway with David McAllister
26/11/2012 ACMI's 2013 Hothouse program launched
22/11/2012 Warwick Thornton to exhibit new artwork at ACMI
19/11/2012 Screen It 2012 Winners Announced
8/11/2012 Berberian Sound Studio comes to ACMI
29/10/2012 2012 Screen It Competition Finalists Announced
19/10/2012 ACMI brings Hollywood Costume to Melbourne
18/10/2012 An Evening with Robin Hunicke
11/10/2012 The Stories of the East Gippsland Shire
11/10/2012 Game Masters Closing Days
5/09/2012 Long Play: The Giants
23/08/2012 Honey, I'm Home: Visions Beyond the White Picket Fence
21/08/2012 Students Belong in Screen It 2012
21/08/2012 Late Bit: take your Game Masters experience to the next level
20/08/2012 The Stories of the Mildura Region
13/08/2012 Game Masters gets Retro Priced Fridays in August
6/08/2012 Game Master Tetsuya Mizuguchi to visit ACMI
31/07/2012 Applications Now Open for Australia's Largest Moving Image Commission
31/07/2012 Live in the Studio: When TV Goes Wrong
10/08/2012 Playing to Win
17/07/2012 Deep in Vogue: Fashion on Film
17/07/2012 Dreams of a Life Media Release
27/06/2012 ACMI's Got Game
21/06/2012 ACMI and Ian Potter Cultural Trust Commission Series
20/06/2012 Games on Film
13/06/2012 Late Bit to take Game Masters up a level
7/06/2012 ACMI mobilises Game Masters
15/05/2012 Game Masters play Melbourne
2/05/2012 Long Play: Surviving Progress
26/04/2012 Focus On: Nocturnal Transmissions: The Cinema of Guy Maddin
24/04/2012 ACMI presents Jazz On Film
23/04/2012 Game Master Warren Spector to visit Melbourne
20/04/2012 Long Play: Woody Allen: A Documentary
20/04/2012 ACMI presses play on new digital program
18/04/2012 Long Play: Eames: The Architect & The Painter
29/03/2012 Long Play: Sympathy for the Devil + Performance
28/03/2012 Game Master Tim Schafer Melbourne-bound
26/03/2012 First Look: Mama Africa, The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975, and Come Back, Africa
15/03/2012 ACMI presents Long Play: Sing Your Song
15/03/2012 ACMI powers up for Game Masters exhibition
8/03/2012 ACMI opens William Kentridge: Five Themes
5/03/2012 First Look at New Jerusalem at ACMI
1/03/2012 Title Fight on Film
1/03/2012 Candice Breitz major solo exhibition announced
20/02/2012 Bombay Beach Australian Premiere at ACMI
20/02/2012 Screen It 2012 Registrations Open
1/02/2012 William Kentridge: Public Programs
23/01/2012 Joe Berlinger at ACMI for Paradise Lost 3 Premiere
18/01/2012 Focus on Raj Kapoor
9/01/2012 Melbourne Indigenous Arts Festival events at ACMI
9/01/2012 Sofia Coppola on Film
13/12/2011 First Look: Guilty Pleasures + Happy Happy
30/11/2011 Asia Pacific Screen Awards Winners Circle
30/11/2011 Vincent Moon visits ACMI to present 'Notes on Pictures'
9/11/2011 Animals Distract Me + Green Porno
9/11/2011 Top student filmmakers show respect
7/11/2011 Fantastic Journeys: Space on Film
7/11/2011 'The Interrupters' to screen exclusively at ACMI
3/11/2011 Winds of Spring: New Egyptian Cinema + Asia Pacific Screen Awards Winners Circle
2/11/2011 Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey
2/11/2011 Best of the Independent Games Festival 2011
25/10/2011 Screen It 2011 finalists announced
20/10/2011 Game Masters at ACMI in 2012
29/09/2011 First Look: High School Confidential, Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry, Ed Hardy Tattoo the World
27/09/2011 Calling all Star Voyagers
26/09/2011 Playing Under the Influence & Cinemix: Midnight Juggernauts play Look at Life
21/09/2011 'Star Voyager' lifts off as NASA Astronaut touches down at ACMI
16/09/2011 Peter and the Wolf
8/09/2011 ACMI presents 15 Second Place
1/09/2011 ACMI's touchdown: NASA Astronaut launches Star Voyager exhibition
5/09/2011 First Look: Dragonslayer
29/08/2011 Focus on Bertolucci announced
17/08/2011 ACMI Opens Magaret and David: 25 Years Talking Movies
26/07/2011 Future Film Critics: Call for Applications
26/07/2011 Margaret and David: Public Programs
21/07/2011 The Arbor and Rita, Sue and Bob too
18/07/2011 Cricket legend Michael Holding opens 'Fire in Babylon' at ACMI
15/07/2011 Freakonomics: The Movie
13/07/2011 Men of Fashion
12/07/2011 William Kentridge: Five Themes
1/07/2011 My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done
2/06/2011 Margaret and David: 25 Years Talking Movies
2/06/2011 ACMI and MIFF bring Peter Tscherkassky and Eve Heller to Australia
1/06/2011 In the Realms of the Unreal - The Mystery of Henry Darger and Mundane History
1/06/2011 Shaun Gladwell: Stereo Sequences world premiere
26/05/2011 Julian Rosefeldt: American Night
16/05/2011 Star Voyager: Exploring Space on Screen
11/05/2011 How to Start Your Own Country
3/05/2011 Focus on Kelly Reichardt
2/05/2011 Civic Life
13/04/2011 Jazz on Film
12/04/2011 ACMI Generates International Awards for Online Engagement
18/03/2011 The Stories of Mansfield Shire
16/03/2011 Magnificent Obsessions: Hollywood Dames from Screwball to Sirk
3/03/2011 On Tour
15/02/2011 First Look: Brian Eno - Another Green World and Glitterbug
14/02/2011 Shaun Gladwell: Stereo Sequences
14/02/2011 Fairy Tales Re-imagined Symposium
9/02/2011 Students show 'respect' on film
3/02/2011 Long Play: Heartbeats and I Killed My Mother
11/01/2011 Fashion Models on Film
10/01/2011 Focus on Linda Lin Dai
21/12/2010 Long Play: Uncle Boonmee and Le Quattro Volte
21/12/2010 First Look: Smash His Camera
1/12/2010 Super Night Shot
10/11/2010 Long Play: White Material
10/11/2010 David Byrne double: 'True Stories' and 'Ride, Rise, Roar'
16/11/2010 Dreams Come True: The Art of Disney's Classic Fairy Tales Opens
9/11/2010 When You're Strange: A Film About The Doors
8/11/2010 Screen It's big win for the future of film. and the environment!
8/11/2010 Francois Ozon's The Refuge at ACMI
8/11/2010 Charles Perrault The Godfather of European Fairy Tales
13/10/2010 Screen It's top environmental film crusaders announced
28/09/2010 Tim's top fourteen artworks announced
21/09/2010 ACMI hits the magic million as visitor numbers soar
20/09/2010 Live in the Studio: October, November
6/09/2010 American: The Bill Hicks Story
3/09/2010 Bill Viola's 'The Raft' on show at ACMI
1/09/2010 A new term for the President and fresh faces for the ACMI Board
24/08/2010 Berlin on Film
23/08/2010 Je t'aime: the filmic lives of Gainsbourg and Birkin
13/08/2010 Melbourne's Got Talent: The Burton Club Open Mic Night
4/08/2010 Dreams come true as ACMI snares major Disney exhibition for Melbourne
30/07/2010 Burton slashes attendance records at ACMI
20/07/2010 Fashion Icons on Film
13/07/2010 Live in the Studio
9/07/2010 William S. Burroughs: A Man Within
7/07/2010 A nightmare to remember
2/07/2010 Made in U.S.A.
2/07/2010 Two in the Wave
30/06/2010 Desert Island Flicks: July, August and September
23/06/2010 Marvelous MelBurton: Tim Burton opens exhibition at ACMI
21/06/2010 Long Play - Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work
4/06/2010 Young fans to meet idol Tim Burton
26/05/2010 Screen It students care about The Environment
18/05/2010 From U-Matic to YouTube
17/05/2010 Monsters, Ghouls and Melancholy Misfits: Tim Burton's cinematic inspirations and influences
13/05/2010 Reliving the magic of Tim Burton on screen
12/05/2010 In a Burton Wonderland: online art gallery
10/05/2010 Live in the Studio
6/05/2010 Australian Perspectives Shock Docs
29/04/2010 Tim Burton to appear live at ACMI
29/04/2010 Long Play: Exit Through the Gift Shop
27/04/2010 Matthew Barney on Film
19/04/2010 MoMA Director delivers keynote address at ACMI
22/04/2010 Chromatic Mysteries
15/04/2010 First Look: The Sentimental Engine Slayer
13/04/2010 45365
30/03/2010 A Golden Ticket to meet Tim Burton
16/03/2010 Desert Island Flicks for April and May
12/03/2010 Live in the Studio
1/03/2010 Elliot's clay characters hit the road
26/02/2010 Jazz on Film
23/02/2010 Timeless Glamour: Bulgari on Film
8/02/2010 Long Play: Goemon
1/02/2010 Long Play: Good Hair
18/01/2010 First Look: Directors as agents provocateur
15/01/2010 Live in the Studio
11/01/2010 Jean Paul Gaultier on Film
7/01/2010 Desert Island Flicks
15/12/2009 Mary and Max: The Exhibition
7/12/2009 Francois Ozon's 'Ricky' comes to ACMI
7/12/2009 Focus on Claudia Cardinale
4/12/2009 Stingray Sam comes to Melbourne - on screen and in person
25/11/2009 Yard! Dub and Reggae on Film
24/11/2009 First Look: Word is Out
18/11/2009 First Look: Herb and Dorothy
13/11/2009 Best of the Independent Games Festival
13/11/2009 Free Range Films
12/11/2009 Dennis Hopper opens exhibiton with video message
9/11/2009 Focus on Hopper's America
2/11/2009 Cyber-savvy students take top honours
30/10/2009 Dennis Hopper cancels Melbourne visit to fight cancer
21/10/2009 Tim Burton: The most fantastical filmmaker of our time
20/10/2009 Screen It 2009 National Finalists Announced
12/10/2009 First Look: Abbas Kiarostami's Shirin
9/10/2009 First Look: Julia
2/10/2009 The Good, The Bad, The Weird
25/09/2009 Focus On East German Cinema
17/09/2009 A Whole New World of the Moving Image Unveiled
3/09/2009 A New National Screen Culture Resource Centre
12/08/2009 Warhol Superstars on Film
25/08/2009 First Look: The Bicycle Thief
4/08/2009 Marc Jacobs on Film
16/07/2009 Focus on Australian Noir
15/07/2009 Easy Rider 40th anniversary celebration at ACMI
5/06/2009 Focus on Girls 24/7
25/05/2009 first look: beautiful losers
13/05/2009 first look: overlord
7/05/2009 len lye
1/05/2009 first look: we are wizards
20/04/2009 fanboys: to acmi, it will come!
20/04/2009 a series of firsts
16/04/2009 acolytes
23/03/2009 focus on wendy hughes
18/03/2009 soul power
5/03/2009 (all that) jazz on film
4/03/2009 synaesthesia @ late night thursdays
25/02/2009 journeys towards justice
19/02/2009 the fall
19/02/2009 music documentaries in may
6/02/2009 dennis hopper and the new hollywood - australian exclusive exhibition
2/02/2009 screen it: student filmmaking competition 2009
4/02/2009 the matador: the most dramatic profession on earth
30/01/2009 first look: bomb it! the global graffiti documentary
27/01/2009 dior on film
14/01/2009 dante ferretti: production designer for pasolini, fellini, scorsese and burton
13/01/2009 green screen event - set in oz
12/01/2009 australian perspectives at midsumma: a tribute to prisoner's jude kuring
9/01/2009 adventures of power
17/12/2008 jcvd - the movie
10/12/2008 chevolution
5/12/2008 william klein: a maverick filmmaker and photographer in focus
4/12/2008 it's a wonderful life
4/12/2008 setting the scene opens today
3/12/2008 drifters, dreamers and cowboys
2/12/2008 who are australia's videogames heroes?
14/11/2008 wake up to spike lee
11/11/2008 winners announced in national screen it competition
6/11/2008 finalists announced in national screen it competition for 2008
28/10/2008 first look: berlin alexanderplatz
20/10/2008 baz luhrmann's australia sets up home at acmi
24/10/2008 director answers puzzle at acmi
22/09/2008 hong kong's master auteur in focus
19/09/2008 gonzo: the life and work of dr hunter s. thompson
10/09/2008 flow: for love of water
10/09/2008 first look at polish cult classic
1/09/2008 focus on víctor erice and abbas kiarostami
29/08/2008 first look and the melbourne fringe present lynch
21/08/2008 guilty pleasures of australian cinema
20/08/2008 correspondences: víctor erice and abbas kiarostami now open
13/08/2008 digging deeper into the acmi collection
6/08/2008 yves saint laurent celebrated on film
1/08/2008 focus on jim henson
30/07/2008 a doco with a lot of soul
21/07/2008 oz filmmakers talk dirty
16/07/2008 celebrating murnau's faust
15/07/2008 game over as game on sets a new world record
30/06/2008 melbourne high scores as game on hits 100,000 visitors
26/06/2008 screen it returns for 2008
17/06/2008 focus on ozploitation
16/05/2008 correspondences: erice and kiarostami
30/04/2008 films for kids, about kids, and even by kids
30/04/2008 under the influence of john cassavetes
15/04/2008 giant luxo jr moves in at pixar animation studios
10/04/2008 first look presents romance & cigarettes
4/03/2008 australian games feature in game on
27/02/2008 mario revealed
25/02/2008 designer of pong coming to melbourne for game on
15/02/2008 world premiere len lye retrospective at acmi
5/02/2008 partners pile on for game on
17/01/2008 first look presents killer of sheep
11/01/2008 focus on the greek diaspora
8/01/2008 focus on gus van sant
1/01/2008 play your way through the history of video games
26/11/2007 the american astronaut lifts off at freaky fridays from January 2008
23/11/2007 focus on asia and dario argento
16/11/2007 wattstax to kick off a new program of extended film seasons
16/10/2007 replay christian marclay
25/09/2007 art stars on the big screen
25/09/2007 focus on catherine breillat
16/09/2007 school holidays at acmi (september 2007)
5/09/2007 acmi presents the australian premiere season of destricted
5/09/2007 focus on françois ozon
20/08/2007 project to create landmark gallery commences
17/08/2007 focus on peter whitehead
6/08/2007 stone reader
5/06/2007 focus on isabelle huppert
5/06/2007 melbourne international animation festival 2007
25/05/2007 game on, the world's biggest celebration of video games heads to acmi in melbourne in 2008
10/05/2007 acmi to screen australian premiere season of daft punk's electroma
27/04/2007 focus on punk
30/03/2007 focus on guillermo del toro
29/03/2007 little big shots, australia's major international film festival for kids, is back!
9/03/2007 announcing screen it! 2006 award winners
15/02/2007 fashion and film
19/01/2007 just add water
12/02/2007 the eyes have it
5/02/2007 top screen 2007
1/02/2007 machinima film festival
5/01/2007 stand and deliver at acmi's australia day celebrations!
22/12/2006 acmi seeks global input on major new permanent exhibition
10/11/2006 summer school holidays = fun for kids at acmi!
16/10/2006 acmi salutes tezuka: japan's founding father of anime
6/10/2006 focus on christine vachon
7/09/2006 talking film: macbeth - shakespeare in the 'hood
1/08/2006 acmi goes to infinity and beyond!
22/08/2006 acmi conjures a world of wonder and illusion
31/08/2006 acmi welcomes new head of film programs
10/08/2006 acmi releases parent's guide to video games
18/08/2006 september - october 2006 school holiday activities at acmi
10/08/2006 scoot
18/08/2006 first look
1/06/2006 popcorn taxi events in june & july 2006
13/03/2006 playing the movies
5/07/2006 flight from death: the quest for immortality
13/06/2006 screen it! 2006 asks students to make a splash!
1/07/2006 awesome; i f**kin' shot that!
3/08/2006 focus on early hitchcock
10/05/2006 top directors' early films on show at acmi
2/08/2006 best of the 2006 independent games festival
22/06/2006 tv's treasures on show at acmi
1/08/2006 focus on robert altman and raymond carver
31/05/2006 melbourne international animation festival 2006
17/05/2006 focus on gypsies
4/04/2006 focus on david cronenberg
4/04/2006 acmi media preview: drawing restraint 9 & black narcissus
6/03/2006 oscar winner dion beebe at acmi
1/02/2006 2006 contemporary commonwealth artists released
19/01/2006 real life on film 2006: second round of highlights announced
22/12/2005 acmi presents australia's first international digital storytelling conference
24/11/2005 step into the mind of a visionary filmmaker at acmi
3/10/2005 best of the independent games festival / point & tilt: mobile phone camera games
1/12/2005 from kenya to coburg...real life on film 2006
22/09/2005 real life on film 2006 - call for submissions
19/09/2005 hollywood hits acmi - film world flocks to acmi for stanley kubrick exhibition
4/08/2005 focus on jim jarmusch (16-24 september, acmi cinemas)
20/07/2005 new screen gallery exhibition, white noise (18 august - 23 october)
15/07/2005 popcorn taxi at acmi: lovelorn blokes and academy award nominees in july and august
17/06/2005 acmi shifts gear and announces major international exhibition - stanley kubrick: inside the mind of a visionary filmmaker
20/05/2005 the 5th melbourne international animation festival (june 21-26, acmi cinemas)
1/06/2005 first hand: films by young Koories about culture and identity
7/06/2005 2005 june-july school holiday activities at acmi
1/06/2005 acmi presents focus on superheroes, an exclusive 5-day cinema event where anything is possible, exploding onto the big screen June 9.
18/04/2005 focus on wong kar-wai (hong kong)
16/04/2005 lounge critic 2005 launch: desperate housewives: ladies who lunch
14/04/2005 lady beware: focus on female gothic
3/03/2005 acmi brings the iron giant to life these school holidays
5/04/2005 marvel at inspirational visions of our world in motion in world without end, a new major exhibition opening at acmi screen gallery april 14
8/04/2005 immersive interactive experience at acmi - intimate transactions
18/02/2005 get your trigger fingers ready for the opening of the new expanded acmi games lab
25/02/2005 meet uk animation maestros shynola at acmi!
14/02/2005 special cinema season: you talkin' to me? the screen presence of robert de niro (24 march - 5 april)
21/06/2004 2004: australian culture now
23/06/2004 2004 public imaging program
23/06/2004 2004 screen gallery exhibition
21/06/2004 neighbours (the remix)
21/06/2004 cinema program: focus on
21/06/2004 networked art
16/06/2004 artv - art and tv together at last
29/01/2004 australia's first annual hip hop film festival
13/11/2003 transfigure
16/04/2003 c'mon, pressure! voices in the crowd
28/11/2002 let's get physical

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