Tuesday, 2 December 2008

who are australia's videogames heroes?

Melbourne's Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) is on the hunt to find the local legends of the Australian videogames industry.

In 2009 ACMI will open a major new gallery space featuring a permanent free-entry exhibition charting the history and future of the moving image in all its forms, including a special section on videogames and those who create them.

ACMI's Games Curator, Helen Stuckey said it is not widely known that Australia has a long and successful videogames development and production industry that dates back to the early 80s.

'Beam Software (Melbourne House) was Australia's first electronic game company and the developer of some of the most internationally successful computer games of the early 80s including The Hobbit, and The Way of the Exploding Fist,' Helen said. 'Few people are aware of the extraordinary contribution that this pioneering Melbourne game studio made to the global games industry'.

Videogames were in their infancy around this time and the home personal computer market barely existed. No one could have predicted then that videogames would grow into a multi-billion dollar industry and dramatically change our relationship with the screen.

'ACMI is keen to identify who is considered Australia's game design talent, the pioneers and recent innovators of the local industry so that we can profile them in our new gallery,' Helen said.

Australian games identities will be featured in a section of the gallery called 'Australian Greats' which will explore the careers of moving image makers who have made a significant contribution to Australian screen culture, including award winners in film, television and videogames.

Rather than deciding which Australian games developers should be featured, ACMI is calling on industry practitioners and fans of videogames to nominate who they consider are true Aussie games heroes.

'They can be Australian's working locally or around the world and they can have played diverse roles in the development of videogames. Let us know who you think are the unsung heroes of Australian games'. Helen said.

Gamers can nominate their hero via email at helen.stuckey@acmi.net.au

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Communications Coordinator
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